dyeing viscose/elastene dress

I recently purchsed a very light champagne, almost cream colored dress-which I feel is too close to white to wear to the wedding I bought it for. It is 95% viscose and 5% elastene

I read that RIT dye would take to the fabric, and if i chose a tan color-do you think it would absorb?

I want to keep the light colored intergrity of the dress but want to avoid any fashion faux pas..Laughing

Also, do you have any tips as to fully saturate the fabric, without any streaking?

By: Rhee

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  1. pam says:

    i have never done this and i’m actually looking to do the same to a dress i bought. not for a wedding just bc i thought the white looked more cream in the store. I read that, to fully saturate fabric, you should make sure that it soaks in enough water to make it even (so it can swim around a little). i also read to stir it around so it gets all even/not streaks…is that what you meant by streaking?

    i would definitely try this on another white piece of something (old white washcloth, a white pair of socks you don’t mind dyeing off white etc.) before you try it on the white dress and to have some idea of how things pay pan out. Good luck!