Dyeing Without Ruining My Garment

garmentI made the mistake of trying to remove some tiny rust spots from a top made of cotton/Rayon blend, and wound up with the rust spots AND small lightened spots surrounding them! This is a garment involving several layers of bias-cut material, in a sage green. Can this be dyed successfully to get rid of the light spots, at least? And without completely ruining the garment?
Thank you,

Dear Kathleen,
I really don’t know, it depends on what you used to try to remove the spots. If you used chlorine bleach, you can’t repair the damage with over dyeing. If you used something else, like an authorized detergent, and the garment is marked “wash” or “hand wash,” then you could take it back to the store. If you determine you have nothing else to lose, you could try dyeing it a darker value of the same color. Get a catalog from www.dharmatrading.com and study the instructions for the reactive dyes. Write again if you get stuck!

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