Dyeing Worn out Umbrella

I have a Sunbrella Umbrella for my porch. As much as this fabric has touted its fade resistant fabric, the umbrella faded after about a year; maybe less. If I had known that the reputation for this fabric was so strong, I would have asked for my money back from Pottery Barn-now it’s been too long. I would like to re-dye the fabric so that it looks something other than worn out. The umbrella is in excellent condition. I’m wondering if this company www.simplyspray.com is a possibility? Recommendations?

Dear Jessie,
Have you talked to Pottery Barn directly? This kind of company wants to make sure you are happy no matter how long it has been. Otherwise, I don’t have any concrete advice. You could try Simply Spray – test first – it’s all an experiment. The sun is very bright and direct here in Texas, too, and Sunbrella is only so resistant to the intensity. The only option is to take the fabric inside regularly, make sure it is in the shade, or choose a color that will please you as it fades and plan to replace it every 2-3 years.

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