Easy Ruching trick


Some time ago I picked up a millinery book on making old fashioned silk flowers. There were some nifty little ideas that I have put to use in other forms. One of these ideas is to use wired ribbon to make ruching for trims and inserts. While this technique didn’t work for the current project it is a good idea and very easy to do. Just take wired ribbon and poke the wires out of the end of the ribbon so that you can get a hold of them and then evenly gather the ribbon by pulling. Depending on how tight you want your ruching a good rule of thumb for figuring out how much ribbon you need for your project is to measure the length of whatever it is you want to attach the ruching to and then times it by three or five. Multiplying by three will give you a loosely gathered ruching and by five a tightly gathered ruche.

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