Embarking Project

projectHi Andy,
We are a group of Year 1 college students; we are embarking on a project which makes use of hair to make fabric. However, we have a few questions. We hope that you can aid us in making our project a success. Thank You.
1. How are fabrics being made? What kind of methods was used?
2. How are fur coats being made?
3. What is your opinion regarding using hair to make fabric?
4. We are currently using domestic felting method, which is to align hair horizontally and vertically and roll it in hot water to make our fabric. However, we faced some problems, the fabric is rather prickly and the edges are coming off. What possible ways are there to making hair fabric? Which method would you suggest to be most effective?
5. Do you think, by using hair, it will be a cheaper alternative?
Thank You. We look forward to your favorable reply.
Pau Ling, Masada, Jeremy, Sou Mun, Khian Meng

Dear Friends: We’ve done our Homework years ago. However, “hair fabric” as you describe, I’d imagine, was the first cloth the cavemen or our ancient ancestors used to cover themselves.
Today their are many artificial fabrics, both knitted and woven, imitating “hair fabric”. This a good thing for the animals they imitate. Trying to make your own felted fabrics will require the same trial and error process that our ancestors used. Try using a binder of sorts to hold the felt in place. Remember that they had only the “stuff” around them. Experiment and have fun. Good Luck, Andy

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