Fabric Care – Banana dress HELP!

I recently bought this dress from banana republic, it has a black skirt with ivory top. It is 95% viscose 5% spandex and says dry clean. I took it to the dry cleaners and it came back ruined. The ivory was no longer ivory but some dulled out grey. It looked like the black bled to the ivory. I tried to return it saying the material might be defective and they insist it isn’t and the dry cleaners also isn’t taking responsibility. I just want to see if this fabric maybe shouldn’t be dry cleaned at all…Also, when water gets onto the ivory part, it leaves a water stain…how is this not considered defective material? Please help me in any way you can!


By: Lauren

2 Responses to “Fabric Care – Banana dress HELP!”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Lauren,

    The viscose (rayon) is not always washable.  You followed the instructions to dry clean.  Try talking to the dry cleaners and Bana Republic again, it really isn’t your fault.  So sorry this happened to you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I feel your pain. It sounds like that material was possibly over-dyed. Contact Banana (the store you bought it from) and ask to speak with the manager. Tell him/her you followed the care instructions exactly and are very dissapointed not only in the quality of the purchase but the responce that you recieved from them the first time. Banana Republic used to stand behind what they sold.
    Also if the dry cleaners didn’t make you sign anything saying they are not responcible for the outcome of an item that clearly states “dry clean only” then your recourse with them is to write a letter to the owner. State clearly what happened include a copy of the reciept for the amount you paid to have it dry cleaned. Include a picture of the dress the way it is supposed to look and the way it looks now. Tell them by taking the item they agreed to care for it. If they did not think they could clean it properly then they should have informed you. And ask for your money back. If companies like this are not held responcible for their actions the level of quality and care will continue to go down. Hope you at least get your money back.