Fabric Care for Nylon Chiffon

nylon chiffonA chiffon fabric is a transparent and lightweight fabric originally made with silk now also made with man-made fabrics such as nylon and rayon. Nylon chiffon is a strong fabric, crease resistant, washable and is resistant to mildew and moths. This fabric is susceptible to degradation by weak acids and sunlight.

Nylon Chiffon Fabric Care

  • Use a cool iron on chiffon to get rid of wrinkles.
  • Nylon chiffon is more durable, but should be washed under the same conditions as silk.
  • When washing nylon chiffon, use mild detergent.

Washing Nylon Chiffon

  1. Wash with cool water. Using a washing machine, the recommended temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. As much as possible, do not add other clothes to the wash.
  2. Use the gentlest cycle when using a washing machine. The longer the fabric stays in water, the more possibility for it to fade.
  3. Dry the chiffon in the dryer on a short, cool cycle.

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