Fabric difference

Dear Kristen,

What is the difference between Drill fabric and Twill fabrics.




By: Jose

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  1. Kirsten Longly says:

    Dear Jose,
    Thank you so much fort this question. I had to look it up because I could not remember if I had ever even heard of drill fabric. In answer to your question, Drill fabric IS twill fabric, both of which refer to the weave. Normal twill’s are a diagonally woven fabric. Usually a 45% angle but can be any where from a 15% to 75% angle. Referred to as steep or reclining. Right hand twill’s include materials such as Cassimere, gabardine and tweed, Left hand twill’s include denim, ticking and DRILL. Hope that helps. and thanks again for the question.


  2. Textile Help says:

    Question’s answer is correct, as only direction and diagonal line angle difference but weave is only twill. Twill is a widely used weave construction to make variety fabrics like gabardin, denim, jeans, drill etc. thanks for the answer.