Fabric ID help!

Hi there, I could really use your help. I was wondering if you could tell me what type of material was used for the purple joker overcoat and what type of material was used for the green vest. Someone that was able to see the vest up close, feels that the vest is not wool, that it was thin and cloth like…if that helps. Also, what colour would you consider that vest and overcoat to be. Thanks again for this.


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  1. Judith says:

    Kirsten is in NZ but will answer your question as soon as she returns.  Thanks for your patience!

  2. Kirsten says:

    Ok so I looked at the pictures you sent, thanks BTW,those were great!  Love looking at movie stuff.  I am assuming that is from the most recent Joker movie with the unfortunate Heath Ledger?  So the outer jacket looks like it is an ultra swayed and treated to look older.  The grey inner jacket looks like a silk or possibly a very fine Polyester or even microfiber.  Beautiful stuff.  The green vest is definitely a twill weave but possibly made of linen or even a very light weight denim.  When I have a longer stronger internet connection I can do some movie digging for you and see what it was really made of.  Would love to know where the pictures were taken.  Hope this helps till I can do some digging for you.

  3. Ryanberesh says:

    Hi thanks so much. I can tell you that ‘replicating” the joker clothing has been going on since the movie came out. I’ve probably but about a year or so just in reseaching the design.  These pictures were actually taken of the coat on display at various events. I still have tons of pictures that I’d be willing to send you if you think your interent connection can handle it :)    Feel free to email me and I will send them to you. Thanks for your help thus far..and hopefully I can pick your brain a little further if you don’t mind. 

    • Kirsten says:

      I love having my brain picted. :)  If you could post more pictures here I am sure a lot of our readers would love to see them too.  I was wondering if you have the actual patterns for remaking the costume.  I could probably point you in the right direction with more photo’s.  I am assuming you want a replica that will look good on you?  So it’s going to need to fit you.  I think you could probably pick up the tie and the shirt at a second hand clothing place in Seattle, Chicago, L.A. or even Portland Oregon.  There are quit a few places that will send you by mail what they have in their stores.  Don’t forget you can cheat with costumes.  If you can’t find the exact right size in a shirt it can be remade so that you have the front at least (because that is all anyone is going to see) and the back can be made out of something else entirely.  Costuming is one of my favorite things to do because you can manipulate in almost any direction as long as your outcome from the outside is what you are looking for.  The inside doesn’t matter. 

  4. Ryanberesh says:

    One other quick question if you don’t mind is what would you suggest is the colouring of each item? 

    • Kirsten says:

      By coloring, do you mean how it was dyed or what actual colors do I think it is?  This will help me in finding the right location for information.  I do believe Hollywood puts out costume specs on occasion just have to find the right book.

  5. Ryanberesh says:

    Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. I have so many pics of the coat, from display cases, film screencap pics, promo studio pics that I”m not sure I coudl upload them all here, but would definately send them to you if you wanted.  It would be really great if you would give you your thoughts on the design of the coat and also if you could recommend material to buy for it and perhaps even someone that would make it if possible.  Anyways,on with the show..more pics!


  6. Ryanberesh says:

    At the present I know that a tie, pants, shirt, have all been pretty well replicated…still looking for advice though on the purple coat mainly, the vest and perhaps the blazer…thanks again!

  7. Ryanberesh says:

    I think by colouring, I was wondering what shade of purple you feel the jacket is?  I guess under the different lighting it makes it hard to identify, but just curious as to what would be your best guess

  8. Ryanberesh says:

    p.s. I have more pics, but I think the links I posted might have disappeared…

  9. Kirsten says:

    So here’s what I think and what and know and what I am still trying to locate for you.

    1. I am 99% sure the outer jacket is a wool. It was made to look like it was very worn.  If not a wool then an ultra swayed.  The extra photo’s I found put out by the production company really had a wool coat that I could tell.

    2. The inner jacket I am still unsure of but am pretty positive it is of a higher quality suiting wool or even a micro fiber.

    3. The vest is either a linen that is very well backed so that it
    doesn’t wrinkle or a denim.  I’m leaning towards the denim because of
    the way it is died.  It isn’t totally even.  A note here is that the production company photo’s that I found other than the ones you sent me had different buttons, so I am thinking that the actual coat vest and costume all together is more of a multiple outfit thing.  Meaning there was more than one copy which is standard practice in theater and movies.

    I hope this helps.  I am trying to track down some other avenues of
    movie memorabilia in order to find the making of stuff.  Sometimes the
    production company or even the clothing designer for the movie will put
    out a how they did it book.  So far no luck.

  10. Kirsten says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I finally found a site that may answer some of your questions.  http://www.costumersguide.com/cr_batman.shtml  Look through their links at the  photo’s, in one of them you can definitely tell that the jokers vest has matching buttons rather than mismatched, but one is missing.  Also there is a link to the fabric recreation of the shirt. I was surprised to see that one of the shirts in the movie was actually a honey comb pattern.  Totally missed that in the movie, and I was looking!  Also didn’t catch that the lining of the coat is orange satin.  Hope this helps.  The costume designer has not put out a making of book that I can find.  It may be a few more years before that happens as they are currently in production for the next film of which there has been speculation as to wether or not there will be a cgi appearance of the Joker in the film.  Teasers, I know but makes for interesting reading.  I found this site very helpful.  Hope you do too.