Fabric In Las Vegas

Hi, Andy this is Tommy from Las Vegas. I would like to know what type of machines I need to do a thermal weld on fabrics. Correct me if I’m wrong but thermal welding would protect fabrics from fraying. Where can I buy it near Las Vegas and about how much would that cost? Next question I have is where is the best place near Las Vegas to buy microfiber. What I mean by best place is price and selection. If the best place to buy microfiber is in the east coast then I’m fine with that but if there is a place near Nevada then that would be better.

Tommy: Well, you are right and you are wrong. While Thermal Welding does prevent fabric from fraying, not all fabrics fray.
Warp knits will not fray when cut, and neither will Oilcloth.
Visit www.ifai.com to try to find the Thermal Welding machine you think you might need.
Good Luck, Andy

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