Fabric made from Coffee Grounds?

There is a new fabric on the market and no, I don’t know where to get it in it’s raw form, I am still looking, bare with me. What I do know is it’s benefits and who is selling it in the form of clothing. Produced by a Taiwanese company (Singtex/S.Cafe) the formula for it’s production is patented and a big fat secret. The fabric is essentially antimicrobial much like bamboo and can be washed without detergents, but also has an odor eliminating ability because it is made from recycled coffee grounds. That’s right! RECYCLED COFFEE GROUNDS. Some of it’s other abilities are natural UV protectant and fast drying as well as wick away properties. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this fabric and I am itching to get my hands on some to play with. The company claims that from just one cup of coffee two Eco-friendly t-shirts can be made. Do you have any idea how many t-shirts that means I could make?

Currently the tried and true Brassier brand Wacoal from Japan is using the S.Cafe fabrics to make a fantastic bra and undergarments that by their sheer construction are form fitting and controlling in those areas some of us gals would prefer had a little more control naturally. They are also naturally cooling for those of us that have the occasional “personal summer”. Other companies using the material are Mountain Khakis in a polo shirt for men, North Face, Puma and Timberland are also using this new fabric and a company I just found called Virus Action Sportswear. ~ Kirsten Longly

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