Fabric Quality

Good afternoon. I am starting my own online menswear range from the UK and i am looking for some advice around fabric qualities and manufacturing. What would be the best fabric to use for tshirts, vest etc? I would also like to offer a polo range so any advice offered is greatly appreciated. My designs are down but npow at stage of ordering fabric and sending to my chosen manufacturer. Thanks again, Gareth

By: Gareth

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  1. Judith says:

    Hi Gareth,

    What fabrics did you have in mind when you designed your line? Learning more about fabric and quality of fabrics is a big part of being a designer. My suggestion would be to go to men’s stores and get acquainted with the fabrics that are being used in the higher end stores as well as the lower end stores. Then when you locate suppliers or vendors of fabrics and receive their swatches or sample cuts you will have an idea what quality you want.

    Your question isn’t something easily answered because most designers already have a good idea of what quality and what type of fabric they need for their designs.

    I have been working with fabrics for over 50 years and studied textiles in college and yet still know enough to know that I need to study and research more.


  2. Kirsten says:

    Hi Gareth,
    Part of your research should be the wash and wear factor. Will it shrink? Will it loose it’s color? Does it snag? Sample fabrics and testing is going to answer these questions. In the t-shirt and polo top field a cotton blend is what is usually used these days because it wrinkles less and recovers better but look into the blends, some work better than others.
    Good luck