Fabric Stores That Would Purchase My Fabric

fabric store

Hello Andy, I created my own fabric design and had it professionally printed. It is about a yard of design which I then cut out and add batting and backing to make wall quilts to sell to people. I am interested in seeing if any fabric stores would like to purchase some of my material to sell to customers. It would be like a panel of fabric they would sell to people. How do I go about finding stores who buy fabrics? Are there buyers I have to contact to have them sell it for me to the fabric stores or will fabric stores buy it directly from me? Does there have to be a middle man? Thank You for your help and time, sincerely Jennifer

Dear Jennifer: Perhaps you could share with our readers, how you were able to do this. We often get questions from our members looking to have their designs created on fabric. As far as selling your fabric to fabric stores, we suggest you exhibit your fabrics at some of the trade shows that cater to that market. Visit www.sewing.org , www.textileshows.com , and www.quilts.com.
Good Luck, Andy

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