Fabric That Doesn’t Absorb Moisture As Fast

Hi Andy, I am wanting to design a “cover” and I am looking for the correct material to complete the design. I have a prototype using silicone, but the problem is that it collects condensation. The material needs to be pliable in the same way silicone is, microwavable and moisture absorbent so that I don’t have the condensation problem. Dishwasher safe would be great too. During my search on the internet, I found a patent for a fabric composite for microwave cooking but I don’t know if it is on the market or where to find it. I have never designed anything before and I don’t know where to start to get this idea underway. Are there experts in the field of “material, fabrics” that can help me find the right material to use for my idea? Thank You for any help you can provide. Christal

Christal: This is a bit of a challenge, even for me.
Visit www.ifai.com, the Industrial Fabric Association web site. One of their members, may have the fabric you need.
You might also want to contact a textile laboratory. It sounds like you are trying to create a fabric with a specific application. They may have a better idea, about what fabric you need, to meet your goals. Here’s a lab that we know, www.govmark.com.
Good Luck,

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