Fabric Tips: Sewing Voile Fabric

How to Sew your Voile Fabric


Voile fabric is commonly used for curtains or summer clothing especially for women. Because this fabric is lightweight and thin, it is important that necessary preparations are made prior to sewing the fabric.


Designing the Voile Fabric

Because voile fabric is thin and does not hold its shape well, highly tailored clothing and designs are not suggested. As an added tip, to know if the fabric will wear easily, scratch across the grain of the fabric with your fingernail. If the woven threads begin to separate, the fabric is not tightly woven and will not wear well over time.

voile fabric

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Regardless of what type of voile fabric are you using, cotton or polyester blend, both types shrink sometimes up to five inches per yard of fabric, when washed and dried at high temperatures. If you plan to launder your finished item, you will need to wash and dry the uncut fabric before sewing. With this, any shrinkage to occur before cutting out the pattern pieces and will save you from worries when sewing your fabric.


More Voile Fabric Sewing Tips

Cotton voile will wrinkle more compared to polyester voile fabric. If you plan to make summer clothing from voile, keep in mind that polyester will limit the breathability of the fabric and is more prone to pilling.

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