Fabric Unknown – Help?

I work for a company that does professional badging for motor racing leathers. We use a cotton type material that is backed onto a type of glossy vinyl. We had a supply from china however our source is no longer available. We are struggling to find the same material, which will be a massive blow to the company. We transfer logos with a heat press onto this fabric then stitch it on the leather.

Can you help identify this fabric and also help us source this materail. I can send you pictures if this will help. I’m pretty sure it is cotton backed onto something! Its like a green shiny material we purchased in huge rolls! Any information you have will be most helpful and appreciated. Thanks.

By: Gemma

One Response to “Fabric Unknown – Help?”

  1. Judith says:

    If you send me the photo I will attach it to your question.

    Also, try submitting a fabric request via the free FabricFinder request area where you can post your request and the stores and sources in the US and Canada will contact you of they have this fabric or notion. Just go to http://www.fabrics.net/post-a-fabricfinder-request/ Thank you!