FabricFinder Request Tips

Supply as much information as possible about the fabric needed. Stores will respond faster if they know exactly what you need.

Supply an email address and phone number if possible.  Stores can not contact you if they don’t have an accurate and complete email address and/or phone number.

Some fabrics are harder to find due to discontinued styles, licensing or a limited manufacturing run. Keep in mind that these fabrics may not be found.

If you have a picture of the fabric, upload it into your request. Please make sure the picture you send is not copyrighted like from a magazine as we can not post copyrighted material.

If you have requested a fabric and found it, please come back to this page to update or remove your listing.

FabricFinder Frequently Asked Quesitons (FAQ)

I don’t want to give out my personal information over the Internet. What should I do? There are no “required fields” of information on our request forms. We usually suggest that a requester use their email address and first name. However, if you want to be sure and receive more replies, a phone number is always good too. You do NOT need to supply your home address on our request form.

I am told not to give out my email address because people use it to send SPAM. What should I do? Fabrics.net makes every effort to insure your privacy by making it difficult for people to “farm” email addresses. If you are concerned about giving out a private email address, you might want to consider getting a temporary email address free at HotMail.com, gmail.com or another service who offers free email.

How long does my request stay active? Requests stay online for 6 months until they are archived on our server. As each new request is posted, it is numbered #1 and is rotated down the list as each new request comes in.

How can I mark my request found or remove the request? Just visit the FabricFinder and choose Edit FabricFinder Request or email us at info@fabrics.net and state that your request has been found or that you no longer need this fabric.

I know this fabric exists because I have it on my furniture/pillow/sheets/dress/shirt/bedspread/comforter/purse/baby bedding/curtain. Why doesn’t anyone tell me where to find this fabric? There are several reasons why fabric that is found in garments or items is not available for purchase in yardage. Licensed fabrics such as Disney, Looney Tunes, NASCAR, NFL, NBA, NHL, College and University Logos, etc., are licensed to specific manufacturers for specific items, not necessarily in yardage. Bedding manufacturers as well as furniture and drapery manufacturers will design their own fabrics for their items and this fabric is not always available for purchase in yardage. Clothing manufacturers may order specific fabric for their garments and this fabric may not be available in yardage.

I am looking for a book/lace/thread/pattern/bead/zipper. Where can I post my request? The retail FabricFinder request area is for fabric and fabric related items. You can post your request(s) there.

We are a not for profit charity (or school) and need donated fabric. Where can we post our needs? You are welcome to use the retail request form and also enter your charity in our list of sources. Keep in mind that local businesses are more likely to donate fabric to local charities.

I am a small manufacturer/designer and need to purchase small amounts of fabric for my samples. Should I post this request in retail or wholesale? If you have a business license or re-sale license and are making garments or items for resale rather than personal use, you are welcome to enter your request in the wholesale area. Many of the sources understand that small manufacturers need smaller amounts of fabric for samples. You should also state that you need fabric that can be re-ordered for future sales.

I need 20+ yards of fabric. Can I purchase wholesale? If you have a business or have a resale license and are using the fabric for resale or are manufacturing items for resale, yes.

I don’t know the manufacturer’s number of this fabric can you find it for me? If you post your request with a good description of the fabric, most of our sources will be able to recognize the fabric and respond to you.

I don’t know the name of the fabric, how can I enter a request? You can state what the fabric will be used for, include a picture and a description of the fabric. Most sources will be able to understand what you need and will respond. 

I saw this fabric last year and didn’t buy any. Now I want it, can you find it for me? OR This fabric was first purchased 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5…) years ago. I need just a few yards but no one responded to my request on your site. I know it exists, why can’t you find it? Many fabrics are produced one year and then discontinued. You can post your request and one of our readers may have the fabric in their stash and will be willing to part with it. It is always worth a try!

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And now, a word from just one of our FabricFinder requesters, Vadyre:

I would just like to say that I was very happy with my results. I stumbled across your website while I was looking for somewhere that sold the fabric I was looking for. I posted my request easily and then the next day I had three responses from different stores offering samples of what they had that most closely matched by request. I responded to them and then received my samples soon after. And one, from (Source), was exactly what I was looking for. I called them and ordered it over the phone, and they shipped it out right away.
I am so happy that this service was available, it really gives you the type of contact that you could never have otherwise. This is an example of what the Internet should be used for. Thank you very very much, I doubt that I would have found the exact fabric that I had in mind otherwise.
Reprinted with permission from Vadyre.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at info@fabrics.net.

Thanks for using the FabricFinder!