Facts to consider when buying sheets

Thread count or length of the cotton fiber or brand name, which is more important to you when buying bed sheets?  Egyptian Cotton fiber is a very long fiber but remember that all Egyptian is not created equal.  There are different qualities of Egyptian cotton as with all fibers.   Egyptian Cotton Sheets – Why the reputation? | Exceptional Sheets


Ancient Egyptians were making high quality cotton cloth at least as long ago as 3000BC. Egyptian Cotton was distributed along the ancient spice routes that ran from Asia to Europe, and the Middle East to Africa. Egypt is, to

When buying sheets, take the sheets out of the package and check for irregularities.  High thread count, high quality Egyptian cotton sheets are not a cheap investment even when they are on sale.  Also trust your own common sense.  If the sheets are not smooth, soft and luxurious, spending your money because they are on sale today may not be wise.

Thread count is the number of yarns in a square inch of fabric.  Thus 400 thread count means 200 warp yarns by 200 weft yarns.  The very high thread count simply means that finer yarns are used.  Finer yarns don’t always wear as well as the thicker yarns.


Silk fiber is a very fine fiber, smaller than the human hair.   A high thread count in a silk sheet doesn’t mean higher quality because more silk yarns can fit into a square inch than larger fiber yarns.  Silk uses a different measuring system to measure quality.  Momme Weight « Silk Language


Silk bedding quality is referred to using ‘momme weight’. Many people are familiar with thread count, which is used with many fabrics as a way to distinguish the overall quality of the fabric. However, with silk, thread count is not generally used


Sheets are an investment that you expect will last for many months if not years.  Trust your common sense and enjoy!



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