Faded Antique Look

Hi there,
I just purchased a striped King size comforter made of 50% cotton 50% poly. I am thinking I would like to fade it slightly as I am going for the vintage surf look and want to make some pillows with a faded vintage surf design.
This is a brand new comforter – so I don’t want it to look too old, too soon! Also – since it is king size – I am sure I will need to take it to a laundry-mat with an industrial size washing machine. I have read a little about washing with rock salt. What are your suggestions for the safest way to fade this fabric without ruining it?
Thank you,

Dear Denise,
I really don’t have too much advice on this matter, except to try it. Try one load with rock salt, and if you don’t get much result, then try a bit of chlorine bleach with rock salt. Take small steps and see what you get. You could also try hanging it outside in the sun for a few days. Another alternative is to make a cover that resembles more like what you want. Don’t be too attached to the outcome, because you are embarking on a big experiment!

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