Faded T-Shirt Look

I am a Brownie Troop Leader and I want to dye some plain white t-shirts a faded (worn-looking) brown. Kind of like Army brown. Then I am going to have them screen printed with something. I would like to use a natural dye – both to be economical but I am not completely dead-set on it. I don’t want to go buy a brown dye because I fear they will get too dark. I thought I could dye them brown and then put them through a bleach wash, but I fear they will just get spotted. Is this information I should be able to find on your website? There is way too much information to sort through there – that is wonderful if you have the time, but I don’t.
Please advise me if you can. And – thank you in advance. With much appreciation….

Dear Dona,
Everything that you need is at www.dharmatrading.com. Get some ready-to-dye shirts from them and experiment with dark brown or brazil nut reactive dyes. Get a couple of extra shirts to practice on. You can do the whole thing in the washer. You will also need soda ash, Synthrapol, and ordinary table salt. The darkness or saturation of the color depends on how much dye you use, so start with a little. Read over all their instructions and write back if you have more questions!

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