Fading Black

Hello, MY name is Andy I’ve been working on a plan to re-dye my coat, I love how its all black and I spent $100.00 on putting a very comfortable satin liner on the inside of the coat. however I found out that since it was dry clean only it should have been brought to the dry cleaners instead of put in the wash and dryer. so now my coat is fading in some spots, which I plan to fix, however I’m not exactly sure how to go about it. I want my satin liner to stay red but I know if I dye the coat it may turn purple or some other weird color. is there any way I could air brush the dye on the outside of the coat? What’s your advice on this matter? I’ve included 2 pictures to show you what the coat looks like. thanks for your time Andy

Dear Dark Prince,
I can’t offer you much hope here. Best suggestion is to go shopping for a new coat and then have the red lining moved to a new location. If you want to try it, you could get a can of SimplySpray (www.simplyspray.com) in black and try spraying. You may make a bigger mess than you have now.
good luck,

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