Fading Look On Denim

I have a few pairs of dark blue jeans. I don’t care for the dark look and wonder if there is a safe way to fade these. I’m not talking about an acid wash look- I think that’s that combination of light and dark blue with an almost white mixed in. I think maybe what I want is called stonewashed blue. I have tried 3-4 bottles of hydrogen peroxide with no discernible effect. I have also, disastrously, used Rit color remover. It, of course, took all the color. I re- washed them, without rinsing, and all the color was deposited back onto the fabric. Now the jeans have an awful, completely even and flat look. There is none of the tiny light and dark striped look of a normal blue jean. Anyway, I hope you can help me do this right with other jeans.
Thanks very much,

Dear Stefi,
Here is a method to try. Please receive the caveat that I don’t know exactly what will happen. Wash one pair with 1 cup of chlorine bleach and 2 cups of rock salt. See how you like the effect. You can vary this by decreasing the amount of bleach (don’t increase) or omitting the rock salt next time.
Denim is white or natural in one direction of the weave, and indigo in the other. You deposited the color back onto both directions of threads. This is why you have a flat blue pair of jeans now. Maybe you are starting a new trend.
good luck!

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