Fading/Bleeding On Dyed Ribbon

We have a white ribbon that is either rayon or silk that we have dyed with Rit and a rainbow products. We dyed some areas teal and some blue-purple but left some areas the white. We are having a problem with our test ribbon with the dyed colors fading and bleeding. We didn’t prewash the ribbon or use any fixatives. Is there anything thing we can do now to apply on it? Her coach says we have to place in cold water to get the excess dye out so it won’t be heavy and the ribbon will flow smoothly. Should we just start all over with a new ribbon and if so, how to we go about it. We had to mix some colors and search high and low just to achieve the color we wanted. We have to match her costume. This is for rhythmic gymnastics competitions. I hope you can help. Thanks June

I had a gymnastics student for many years, too, and am familiar with rhythmic gymnastics.
Go to the following websites and study carefully.
www.prochemical.comRit is not a very saturated or colorfast dye. If your ribbon is really rayon or silk (which I suspect it is, if it took any Rit dye), you need to work with the reactive dyes. If you want to experiment with colors to get the shade you want, you can get a small amount of rayon and silk yardage from Dharma and run some swatches. Try both unless you know your ribbon fiber content for sure. Reactive dyes require soda ash, Synthrapol (from Dharma) and ordinary table salt. Write back if you have additional questions.
have fun and good luck!

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