Faux Wool for Vegan Customer?


I have been searching, for some weeks now, for a new winter coat. I have a specific style in mind and after scowering the internet for so long, my search was for not. The style is pretty much the coat worn by Benedict Cumberbatch in the new Sherlock series. Instead though, for my own twist I want a black coat, instead of the blue, and (the biggie) I am a vegan, so I would most definitely want a fabric not from animals. In my search the only place I have found that can custom make such a coat is overseas and the seller is saying they can make the coat from linen and cotton. This coat is something I plan to keep for years and, seeing as just today the temperature here was 24 at noon, I NEED something warm. Desperately. I am a bit skeptic that the linen will keep me warm in this very cold fall weather, let alone winter. So, my questions are: am I being skeptical for no reason? Can a winter coat made of linen keep you warm? If not, what are some vegan/animal friendly fabrics good for winter coats that I could purchase and send to the maker/seller? And where could I find these fabrics? I have also been trying to search for faux wool fabric to buy, but I cannot seem to find it anywhere unless I want 1000+ meters of it. (No thank you)

If anyone could help me it would be a blessing from the skies!

Thank you for your time.
By: Elizabeth

4 Responses to “Faux Wool for Vegan Customer?”

  1. Judith says:

    Does anyone know if there is such a thing as “faux fur” for vegans?

    Realizing that the warmest textile would be wool or a polyester fleece, which fabric would our readers suggest? I was not aware that vegans do not wear wool. Any suggestions or ideas?


  2. DizzyLettuce says:

    HI Elizabeth,
    Linen & linen/cotton will not keep you warm if you live in any kind of winter climate. Faux wool is mostly acrylic & polyester. The warmest synthetic is polyester fleece, which can work, if you have a windproof layer over it.

    Please keep in mind that wool shearing does not harm the sheep; in fact, sheep will die of over-heating if they are not shorn. The same thing is true for llamas, alpaca, mohair goats, & angora rabbits. All of these make very warm fibers.

    Keep researching!

  3. Karen says:

    I am vegan and searching too. I just wanted to say it is true about the animals needing to be sheared to prevent overheating.. if a producer lives in year round spring temps this is done 2x a year.; otherwise its standard once a year. Recently producers are being revealed, they are shearing more often regardless of freezing cold temps causing much suffering and death to these animals. It is impossible for consumers to know whether the fabric they want came from horrendous conditions or housed pleasantly. Many vegans are choosing to bypass the wool fabrics altogether.