Fire Retardant Fabrics – FR, IFR, DFR?


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Flame Retardant Fabrics: What’s the Difference between FR, IFR

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If a fabric is not sufficiently flame resistant to meet a standard, the fabric is labeled Non Flame Retardant (NFR). Fabrics that meet a self-extinguishing standard are categorized as Flame Retardant (FR), Inherently Flame


All fabrics will ignite, the difference between the above classifications is how quickly the fabrics will self extinguish when exposed to a small flame. 


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Heavy and tightly-knitted linen, cotton, lyocel and rayon fabrics, while flammable, tend to be more flameresistant than fabrics that are lightweight and more loosely knit. Increased Flammability and Treatment. Untreated natural


It is so nice to find further research on the durability of flame resistant fabric!

Scholars Week Preview: Can ‘green’ laundry products make

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Moore began with samples of flameresistant fabric of the type commonly used in children’s sleepwear. She washed one set of samples using organic, plant-based detergent, while washing another, identical set of samples


Many important applications of Fire-Resistant clothing including our armed services:

Navy Testing New FireResistant Clothing | Armed with Science

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The upgraded apparel is made of moisture-wicking, fireresistant fabric and intended to replace the all-cotton flight deck jerseys issued to personnel today. Prototype jerseys in five different fabrics are being evaluated by

The importance of Nanotechnology is more and more apparent in this new study:

Nanocoating helps fight furniture fires without toxic flame retardants … – Phys.Org

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Nanocoating helps fight furniture fires without toxic flame retardants …Phys.Org”This new flame retardant nanocoating functions by generating a ‘gas blanket to starve the surface of burning object of oxygen,” Grunlan said. “No oxygen means no fire. …






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