We have several beautiful hand-made banners at church but are unable to use them because they are not “fire proof” according to the fire marshall.  Is there anything that we could spray on them without damaging the design and fabric?  Thank you.

By: Jean Cornelius


  1. Judith says:

    Hi Jean,

    Although there are sprays that you can use to “fore proof” fabrics, your fire marshall will require a certificate by a fire retardant company.  Check with National Fire at http://www.natfire.com/

  2. Anonymous says:

    You should be able to purchase a spray on retardant from several different theater supply company’s in California.  Ask for a fire retardant certificate to accompany your purchase.  Also double check your materials on your banners.  Polyester is naturally fire retardant.  California fire code is the highest and the general standard by which most theater or performing arts companies go by.  Follow that and your pretty safe.  Use all the precautions when using retardants.  Masks, gloves and protective gear, and good ventilation.  Regular or even minor exposure to these chemicals can cause severe health problems.  Once it is in your system it does not go away quickly.