Flame Retardent Pajamas

I am an importer of a Dutch line of children’s clothing. We are furiously trying to figure out what the best substance to treat pajamas for flame retardency is… Baby LuLu and a few others treat pajamas and they meet all federal regulations. They have a great hand — super soft, are non – toxic and will stand up to 50 washings. We need to figure this out ASAP Because we have a big client ready to buy if we can get the correct treatment now. We have found the best labs in Holland, and understand all the documentation requirements, we have even invested in some testing equipment. Our original plan was to try to invent something… but my feeling is why re-invent the wheel if something works well. So I’m wondering if you can tell me of some solutions, or refer me to someone who can.
Thank You so much I was THRILLED to find this site!

Dear Heather: Visit www.sbifinishing.com. They may have a solution to your FR problem. Also call MTL in Brockton,MA at 508-580-8353. They test for all the major retailers in the US and may have some ideas for you as well. Be Safe and Good Luck, Andy

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