Fun and Games with Dyeing Fabric!


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Our columnist Dizzy Lettuce answers questions about dyeing garments and/or fabric and has a very informative article “Dyeing 101” where many questions are answered.

Today I found more articles on dyeing including a tutorial on Ombre Dyeing.

Stand and Deliver: Ombré dyeing tutorial: dip-dye



After batch dyeing 6 different hues for a duvet cover, I tried my hand at ombré dip-dyeing. Dharma Trading Co. advises starting with the lightest shade first, while Rit Dye’s tutorial starts with the darkest shade first. Which works


Experimenting with dyeing brings this artist early spring colors using different techniques.

Carol R. Eaton Designs: Fabric Dyeing!


Don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate the colors of winter but by the end of February my soul needs a pick me up! I used the ice dyeing technique for the first three pieces. The next three incorporates confetti dyeing but


Image via Flickr


As Dizzy Lettuce often says, “All dyeing is an experiment!”


More experiments with nice results were found at Milo’s Cave.Milo’s Cave: Yet More Dyeing


Since the previous post, I’ve had two more dye sessions. I still have not fully used up the dye concentrates I mixed over four weeks ago, now. The first session was aimed at making grays. I made four yards, I think, in four









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