Mystery Fiber – Gazar?

Is anyone interested in helping us identify a fabric?

Cesar has been emailing us to help him identify a fabric that he has.  He has burnt both the weft and warp yarns and they both smell like burning hair.




Cesar also describes the fabric as:  “The weft fibers are very stiff and straight, the warp fibres are much softer and highly twisted, the selvage is finished with a ribbon, and the end of the roll is overlocked.  It has a very discreet pattern that is on both sides(positive negative).  The fabric is a bit like sand washed effects or like skin of peach(looks like it’s velvety but no actual hairs).  It has a beautiful drape, takes shape and volume easly and stands (reminds me of gazar).   It’s a heavy fabric that could be used for coating, jackets, corsets and upholstery.”

Cesar, if you are up for an experiment, cut a small square of the fabric and soak it in chlorine bleach for at least 12 hours or up to 24 hours.  This is a simple test for wool or animal hair.  If anyone recognizes this fabric please email Judith@fabrics.net


Judith has been studying and writing about fabrics for over 50 years. Passionate about textiles, she explains that researching is like collecting clues to build the full picture of each subject. Judith always looks for the sunny side of life.

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