Get It Dyed By A Professionally

I have a wedding coming up in March and I am a bridesmaid. The bride delegated different colors for each bridesmaid and mine is light blue or sky blue. I found a wonderful dress in the JCREW catalogue this spring but it was only available in white. It is a lightweight seersucker strapless dress. Is there a safe way of doing this? Should I take it somewhere to get professionally done? I live in Los Angeles, so I assume if those places exist, there would be one here.
Can you help me?

Dear Margaret,
There are just too many variables to making the JCrew dress come out blue. I really wouldn’t try it. At the very least, the thread with which it is sewn will not dye and you will have a blue dress with more or less prominent white thread detailing.
Cut the dress out of the catalog and take it to a seamstress or one of your friends who sews. See what they recommend about constructing a similar thing. If you cannot find the fabric in the color you desire, it could be dyed at that point, before it is sewn. Keep in mind that the fabric must be all natural fiber, that is, cotton, silk, linen, or rayon, in order to take the dye.
The other alternative would be to keep looking for a suitable dress as is. Check out designer consignment as well as retail.
good luck,

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