Half Polyester

Hi there! I just came upon your site… I have a white eyelet bed skirt that has been tea-stained to bring it to an ecru color. I’m now trying to dye it black. I used Singer Permanent Fabric Dye in Deep Black. I agitated it in the washing machine with the least amount of water possible and at the hottest temperature. I added 1 cup of salt per the directions. It turned out gray. I cannot read the fabric content as the label is completely black, but I’m thinking it is 50% cotton / 50% polyester. Is there anything I can do to get it to a true deep black? Thanks for your time! Mandy

sorry, no, you can’t get half-polyester fabric to deep black. Black is a really hard color to get in the best of circumstances. You may have to start over – or else you could use Dharma’s color remover and take out the gray, then dye it (dye will take at about half strength) another color using the reactive dyes. Check out instructions and supplies at www.dharmatrading.com.

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