Handmade Pot Scrubbers

Dear Andy,
I am hoping you can help me as I have asked and searched till I am blue in the face. Every Christmas my mom-in-law has given me a couple of pot scrubbers, handmade out of different colored nylon mesh or netting. We have been unable to find a pattern for it and she has been unable to find out who has been making them. They weren’t to be found last year at the church boutique, much to hers and my disappointment. They are great for cleaning almost everything and they don’t scratch surfaces. I would just love to be able to come across a pattern because I know there just has to be one out there. I tried to take mine apart but it had been used so much, it was hard to make heads or tails out of it. Thank You for taking the time to read this.

Dear Terrie Sue: Visit www.knitsandbitsbylinda.com. They have some of the nicest nylon pot scrubbers available anywhere. Tell Mom she’ll have them in time for Mother’s Day. On second thought, take Mom out to dinner, and leave the scrubbing for another day. Good Luck, Andy

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