Hard To Sell Regular Blue Denim

Hi Andy! I am a fashion student from Ireland and I want to do my graduate collection using denim, I’m finding it very hard to locate somewhere that sells regular blue denim. I’m in New York at the moment for a few weeks, and thought I would get it in the fashion district but no luck, do you know of anywhere I could buy some, maybe like 15-20 yards? thanks a lot! Elizabeth Kearns,

Dear Elizabeth: Welcome to New York. There are many fabric retail stores, located around the “garment center” of New York City. There is not one store in particular that we can send you to for your denim needs. In days gone by, when most of the denim for apparel was made in the USA, every store had some. Now with most of these items being made overseas, the amount of denim available to the local retailer is limited. Try visiting www.trimfabric.com for some denim. Also call one of the few remaining denim producers in the US, Mount Vernon Mills at 864-688-7100. They may have a New York City office, or they may be able to send out some sample yardage to your New York City address, while you are still in town. Good Luck, Andy

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