Heat resistance

How resistant is Ramie to heat? We have an electric coffee pot we would like to sit on top of a ramie runner – will that work. Artis Palmo

By: Artis Palmo

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  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi Artis,
    Sorry it took me a bit to answer your question. I had to reaquaint myself with what ramie was. Being a natural fiber it should be fine under your coffee pot as long as it doesn’t have a coating and there is not a short in your coffee pot. It will burn if caught on fire but a coffee pot is a closed piece of equipment so should be fine. Maybe check under it every once in a while for leaks or heat leaks. Some coffee pots are not made as well as others and heat can escape from the bottom and burn counter tops. If yours doesn’t you should be just fine.
    Hope that helps.