HEAVY!! Cotton Weave Needed

I have a huge and HEAVY 100% cotton shirt I bought in Brazil 18 years ago and have worn it non-stop. While Brazil has a cotton industry it was surprising to find such a heavy fabric in a tropical country. I have returned to live in southern Australia and the shirt is worn more as an ‘overshirt’ or┬ájacket. I have tried to replace it but all other shirts pale into insignificance, so now I’ve started to hunt a suitable fabric to have them made.

The women in the fabrics store say it’s like a blanket/throw and more home furnishings, the upholsterer has no idea. Can’t find it anywhere. At the end of the day it’s cotton…. no real mystery …. I’m just wondering where to source HEAVY (and soft) thick weave cotton fabric?



By: Ian Marshall

One Response to “HEAVY!! Cotton Weave Needed”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Ian,

    Try submitting your fabric request in our FabricFinder area at http://www.fabrics.net/post-a-fabricfinder-request and the stores and sources in the US and Canada will contact you if they have this fabric.

    I also post the individual FabricFinder request photos on our Pinterest board.

    Hope you find this fabric!