Help define fabric damage due to moisture?


I recently experienced extensive water damaged from a pipe bursting in a wall in my home. It happened while my family and I were away on vacation. As a result, my entire wardrobe was exposed to prolonged conditions of water, moisture, and dry wall/insulation dust. What would be the most aggressive and proper treatment for my wardrobe? The types of fabrics affected range in everything from cotton to fine wool and linen to silk. Could you also tell me what to look for or how to anticipate possible permanent damage in the aforementioned fabrics that have been exposed to these types of conditions?

I truly appreciate any information that you may provide.

Torrence Brown

By: Torrence Brown

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  1. Judith says:

    I am so sorry that this happened to you!  First, talk to the experts that cleaned your drapes and rugs.  It is difficult to explain how to determine mold and mildew problems, one of those things you know it if you see/smell it.  Second, take your garments to the dry cleaners to see if they can clean and wash your garments.  You may not be able to salvedge much of your wardrobe, sad to say.