Hem Stitches by Hand or Sewing Machine

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A variety of stitches can be used to hem garments from blind stitch to slip stitch.  Here are a few web sites that teach both hand sewing and machine sewing for hemming garments:

Hand stitching the blind hem:  How To Hem Pants » How to Mend & Hem Clothes : How to Hand

http://howtohempants.learnbyvideo.infoMon, 08 Apr 2013 01:48:07 GMT

How to Mend & Hem Clothes : How to Hand Hem a Skirt with a Blind Stitch how to hem pants.

More hand stitches for hems:

Tutorial : hand sewn hems – megan nielsen design diary

http://blog.megannielsen.comThu, 28 Mar 2013 12:00:19 GMT

First up is the whipstitch. This stitch is one of the more basic and faster hem stitches. It produces slanted stitches on the inside, and near invisible, tiny stitches on the outside. Here’s how… 1. Start by hiding your thread knot,

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This technique on the sewing machine takes some practice but once it is mastered, it is a quick way to hem.  Machine invisible hem with blind stitch:

Hem And Haw: Perfect Invisible Hem Tutorial | A Crafty Fox |

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So here, as promised,is my invisible hem tutorial. This method gives me consistent fabulous results every time. To do this, you will need: Sewing Machine with Blind Stitch (most machines other than straight stitch have this)


Rolled hem for Chiffon on straight stitch machine:

Technique of the Week: Hemming Silk Chiffon | The Couture Academic

http://coutureacademic.wordpress.comSun, 17 Mar 2013 05:36:18 GMT

Stitch just below your hem line with a row of machine stitches. Make sure Stitch close to the fold…how close you stitch depends on how little you want your hem to be…this was my first time doing it, so I was conservative! ?




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