Higher End Wool/Monhair Blends

Hi Andy,
I’ve designed and hopefully will manufacture a collection of luxury bedding that will be custom ordered. I’m interested in using higher end fabrics such as wool/mohair blends as well as cotton/wool blends that I’ve found at showrooms which sell to the trade. I’ve spent countless hours searching online for vendors that carry what I’m looking for and will sell low minimums (25-50yds), I’ve even attended the IFFE in New York, but to no success. Do you have any recommendations on where else I might look? Also, is it legally possible to order yardage from the showrooms (Donghia, Clarence House, etc.) to manufacture my collection without getting into trouble?
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Anthony: Pack your bags and wait to visit the trade shows that sells the exact fabrics you need. Visit www.itma-showtime.com. The next show is July 10-13 in High Point, NC. The top designer fabric companies would love you to use their fabrics in your designs. As far as small yardage, you may have to purchase through their distributors. The IFFE show in New York caters mostly to apparel companies. We hope you had a good time visiting the Big Apple, unless of course you ARE a New Yawker! Good Luck, Andy

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