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designerI am new to this industry and have an idea for children’s pajamas. I would like to hire a designer for the fabrics and a source to make up the patterns and a work room that can sew them. Any suggestions on where to begin, and how many samples I need out there to get orders started? Where do I market them? The LA mart?
Is worthwhile to go to fabric tradeshows?

Alex: First of all, you must spend some time on the Federal Government web site, as it relates to sleepwear apparel for kids. This is one of the areas, where there are clearly defined rules about flammability of fabrics. Not only must the fabrics past strict testing procedures, but the finished garments, must as well. Visit www.ftc.gov.
You will need to carry a lot of business liability insurance to sell these types of products.
Finding contract sewers, can be easy if you visit www.seams.org, the National Association of Sewing Contractors, here in the USA.
Consider attending the upcoming Los Angeles International Fabric Show, Oct. 15-17. Visit www.californiamarketcenter.com to register to attend. I will be there, wearing my Ask Andy badge.
You may be able to find a designer for the fabrics, at that show.
Samples: to what kind of accounts do you want to sell your products? Large department stores, may want samples to be left with them, after you make your trip to their buying offices. They too, will have their own FR standards, which in some cases, may be more stringent than the Federal Government.
Smaller boutiques, may be a better market for you, or just selling on the web, may work as well.
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