History of Gold Lame?

I am trying to settle a long-time question for myself:  when was gold lame first used?  And what are the differences between lame and cloth of gold or gold tissue?

Thank you for your time,

Elizabeth McCollum

By: Elizabeth McCollum

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  1. Judith says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Joan Kiplinger replied to the question regarding “Cloth of Gold” in her first column at Fabrics.net:
    “In Search of I — two other brands readers asked about were Cloth of Gold and Quadriga Cloth. I could find no references in my books to Cloth of Gold but I do have some in my collection. It is nainsnook from 1941. Whether the brand is limited only to this fabric or includes other plain weaves is a subject for research.” http://info.fabrics.net/the-hunt-for-vintage-cotton-in-search-of-warpends

    Gold Lame was first woven with flattened metal but is now woven with metallic yarns that are like tinsel and aren’t metal. I have no information about when this fabric was first used.

    Gold tissue is a sheer fabric made with gold threads.

    Hope this helps!