How to Buy a Sewing Machine

Whether you are upgrading your sewing machine, or it is your first time to buy, surely you have set your standards on what kind of sewing machine you want. If you have not yet done so, here is how to buy your sewing machine.

Buying a Sewing Machine

  1. Determine your sewing needs. What specific fabric are you often going to sew? Do you sew only medium-weight fabrics, or going for an upholstery and outdoor gear. Are you planning to do machine embroidery or quilting? What is your budget for a new sewing machine?
  2. Ask sewing friends about their machines. It is better you ask friends who already own a sewing machine. They have the experience and preferences on how to make a good buy.
  3. Test Run. It is recommended to do a test run when looking for a sewing machine. This way, you know how it works. Does it work smoothly, or have some noises? Sew different stitches and use different fabrics.
  4. Needle Nuances. Many machines allow for adjusting needle positions from left to right. This helps create an accurate seamline and is helpful for top stitching and zipper insertion as well. Many also allow you to stop the needle consistently up or down if you choose.
  5. Foot Notes. Check how many feet come with the machine. You’ll need an all-purpose foot (often called a zigzag foot), and one for blindhemming, buttonholes and zipper insertion.
  6. Thread Tactics. Try sewing on the machine with some novelty threads and see how it performs.
  7. Weighty Matters. How much does the machine weigh? Do you have a place to leave the machine set up all the time, or will it need to come down after each sewing session?
  8. Speed Settings. Check the machine still retains its full power at the slower speeds.
  9. Special Functions. Does it have special functions like having  a memory or adjust the presser foot pressure, or will allow for adjustments only in pre-set increments.
  10. Warranty. What type of warranty does the machine have?
  11. Trade up policy or financing.  If you require financing, are there plans available from the dealer? What are the terms compared to what you can find elsewhere?

The pointers mentioned above are only some suggestions on how to make a good buy. The rule of the thumb is, find a sewing machine that will address your sewing needs at a reasonable price.

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