How to Care for Boucle Fabric

How to Care for Boucle Fabric

Boucle fabric, being blended with nylon, makes up a strong and durable fabric. However, like any fabrics, it is not immune to dirt, fading and stains. Therefore, you should learn how to care for your fabric.

Quick Notes on Caring Boucle fabric

Many boucle fabrics are dry clean only, especially wool boucle.  If your boucle fabric is washable:

1. Place the boucle fabric material in your washing machine and add soap or detergent. Set to delicate or gentle washing.

2. Fill in with cold water. When washing by hand, gently squeeze out excess water after washing.

3. Dry the item on a clothesline, drying rack or lay it on a large towel on a flat surface.

4. When ironing, set to wool setting. Iron until wrinkle free!

Other References for Boucle Fabric Care

Fashion Glossary: A Complete Guide to Fabrics

boucle fabricwww.bizchickblogs.com2/9/11

Plus, different fabrics require different care (we will be creating a cheat sheet for care in the upcoming glossaries in this series). Boucle: Knit or woven fabric created with repeated loops, giving it a textured surface.

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