How do I dye old linen to a silver grey?

Hi, I have just bought some old linen which is a creamy colour and stained with age and I want to dye it a kind of silver grey/blue-grey then make it into duvet covers and pillow cases. How do I know what colour dye to buy (because none seem to offer a colour that looks like the one I have in my mind) or mix from more than one dye and if I mix them how can I judge how much of each to use? Also, is it best to machine dye ( will I get a more even result?) or use the bath or what? Thanks

By: Jane

One Response to “How do I dye old linen to a silver grey?”

  1. Hi Jane,
    You are right, it’s hard to find the right gray that makes silvery! The best one I have found that matches your description is the Blue-Gray colorway in Fiber Reactive Dyes from Dharmatrading.com. Read all instructions carefully on the Dharma website. Have fun, your project sounds beautiful!
    best, Jennifer