How to make nylon chiffon petticoat

Make nylon chiffon petticoat

nylon chiffon petticoatA petticoat is an undergarment used under a skirt. It gives the dress or skirt a full-bodied look.

What do you need for nylon chiffon petticoat

Directions to create nylon chiffon petticoat

  1. UsingĀ 5 yards of nylon chiffon and sew a basting stitch (a long, running stitch) along the top of the material.
  2. Add 2 inches to the measured waist of the person.
  3. Draw up the basting stitch until the material measures three times the person’s waist measurement.
  4. Fold the nylon chiffon in thirds width-wise.
  5. Stitch the seam where the nylon meets on the length side of the material to within 5 inches of the waist.
  6. Cut the elastic to the person’s waist measurement including the two inches you added in step 2.
  7. Cut the ribbon to the person’s waist measurement in step 2 adding ten inches.
  8. Sew the ribbon to the waist of the nylon chiffon leaving five inches on each end of the waist.
  9. Fold the ribbon over and sew it to the waist of the nylon chiffon creating a pocket to insert the elastic.
  10. Insert the elastic into the ribbon and sew the ends together.
  11. Place petticoat on the person and tie the ends of the ribbon together when wearing.


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