How to Sew Boucle Fabric

Sewing Boucle Fabric

The weave of boucle fabric can be loose or tightly woven. Between the two, loosely woven boucle is harder to sew. To work successfully with the fabric it is necessary to adjust your hand- and machine-sewing techniques to better accommodate the fabric.

How to Sew Boucle Fabric

1. Using a walking foot or roller foot on the sewing machine will greatly help when working with boucle fabric. This helps you in moving the fabric as you sew and the roller foot prevents the needle from catching on the open weave.

2. Adjust the sewing machine stiteches at 2mm or 12 stitches per inch. If needed, adjust accordingly. Using a wide zigzag stitch will also help as this kind of stitch is less likely to catch on the open weave.

3. Use size 70/10 -90/14 sharps and universals for the sewing machine.

4. You can use any thread like cotton, polyester or a blend of them.

5. Pin pattern pieces to the fabric as you usually do and don’t forget to hand-stitch the hem using 5-7 hand sewing needles.

6. Sew accordingly.

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