How to Sew Silk Velvet?

How to Sew Silk Velvet?

Silk velvet is an expensive fabric you may find difficult to deal with. Stretching and size distortion are possible if careful handling and basting aren’t part of the construction of the garment. Spray glues will probably stain the silk so these products should be avoided.

In each step of construction make sure the fabric is supported by laying it on a table or desk. Holding the fabric in in your lap just doesn’t work as the velvet will stretch and become distorted. Using very fine pins, pin the fabric and hand baste then machine baste. Make sure your machine and the area to the left of it is flush so that you are not getting drag. Check your stitches, make any corrections, then stitch. An added tip is to use different colored thread for the machine basting so you can easily see what stitches to remove.

Tips for Sewing Velvet Fabric

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When pinning velvet fabric in preparation for sewing, place pins in seam lines to avoid leaving marks. Seams should be stitched in the direction of the nap whenever possible. When pressing seams, do not place a hot iron directly on either side of the velvet fabric. An iron applied directly will permanently crush the pile. Instead, apply steam to the velvet or use a special ironing board known as a needle board. Practice using the needle board on a scrap of velvet to make sure the pile is not damaged.




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