How Should I Wash My Dress?

Hello Jennifer,
I came across you website this evening while conducting a search on shrinking rayon. I have a very fragile NATAYA dress that I adore and have to wear in a wedding next weekend. Over the three years I have owned it, it has stretched out considerably and now just drips off me. I plan to take it in, but I really want to shrink it back to its original size. People have recommended dry cleaning and of course the tag says to do only that, I have of course done that, at least twice, but nothing doing. It just needs a good tightening of the fabric, but I am scared to ruin it. Please help– thank you kindly– Erin

Dear Erin,
I really don’t know what happened with your rayon dress. I have never experienced rayon this unstable. Unfortunately, there is not a good prognosis. I really doubt if it would shrink uniformly, if at all. It’s not worth paying someone to alter it. I know you love it, but clothing is finite. Go shopping and find something even more beautiful!!

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