How To Choose The Perfect Fabric For A Dining Table Cloth

Many people may not think much about tablecloths until they need them. Events such as weddings, parties and family dinners are the perfect opportunity to dress up the table of the home. Tablecloths add spice and variety not just to the table, but to the atmosphere and the occasion it’s being used for. Although tablecloths are mainly used to protect tables from wear and tear, they are also used to provide style and variety to not only the table but the room as well.

Tablecloths are manufactured from different kinds of materials, including cotton, vinyl, linen and silk. The type of material used will mostly be determined by the occasion the tablecloth will be used for. Some tablecloths work best for certain events and in certain locations. However, each type of tablecloth has its advantages and disadvantages.


This is one of the most popular types of material for tablecloths. For those who use tablecloths often to protect the table for everyday wear and tear, cotton is ideal. Plus, it’s the most often used. Cotton is used for mostly informal occasions. The material is easily manufactured, which keeps the cost of the tablecloth relatively inexpensive.

Most cotton tablecloths can be washed or soaked in warm water to clean them. As far as durability, cotton tablecloths last longer. Cotton tablecloths can come in different colors, patterns and sizes for almost every occasion, room design and décor. The cotton tablecloths can also be used outdoors for outdoor eating. The biggest disadvantage is that cotton will shrink. Cotton tablecloths work best in the kitchen area, dining room or outdoors.


Polyester is similar to cotton and has many of the same advantages. One difference is that polyester has more shine and silkiness to it. It can be used more for formal occasions and doesn’t cost much more than cotton. The biggest disadvantage is the chemicals used to make polyester. Some people are allergic to polyester, so this could be a huge problem. Polyester tablecloths look best in the kitchen, breakfast area or outdoors.


Vinyl works best for outdoor eating, such as picnics and other outdoor events. It also works great against rain damage, and it’s easy to clean when stained. The biggest advantage is that vinyl has great resistance against weather, stains, and sun. The biggest disadvantage is that vinyl does not work well for formal occasions. It’s pretty cheap material and it will look cheap at formal events. Vinyl tablecloths work best outdoors.


Silk is definitely better for formal events such as weddings or anniversary parties. Of course, silk is the most expensive material for tablecloth but it provides a luxurious look and feel that works best when you’re trying to impress others. Silk tablecloths come in a number of styles and many come with special embroidery for certain occasions. The main disadvantage is the delicacy of the tablecloth. Care has to be applied when washing and maintaining silk tablecloths. Silk tablecloths work best indoors and in the dining room area.

Consider all of these fabric options when trying to find a tablecloth for your home. Remember to consider the type of event you will be hosting or the use for the tablecloth before choosing the fabric to ensure that your table setting not only looks great but is beneficial to your needs.

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