How To Find Supplier For Spandex And Other Fabics

Hello Andy: I’m looking for suppliers of Nylon Spandex, in particular what some people call “both way stretch” heavy weight 10 oz. Spandex. Since I’m just getting into the fabric industry I’m ramping up very quickly on many of the terms. Is the term Spandex a trade name for Nylon Lycra or is it a totally different fabric? I have also heard some suppliers use the name Raschel. We are a small start-up company that makes custom after market accessories for automobiles and my customers like the heavy spandex for the product we make for them. I have been searching for alternate suppliers over the Internet, since my regular supplier has run into a supply shortage of his own. He says that it will take about a month to get more of the bright color we normally order. Usually it is not a problem but my customers are not going to wait over a month to get their item. We use bright shiny colors: yellow, red and white for our products. When we order, we order in quantities of 5-20 yards depending on the demand of the accessory. I need a more steady supply from various sources. I want to turn around my orders in about 7-10 business days and keep my customers happy and coming back for more. Since we are soon to go On-line I would appreciate any recommendations for alternate suppliers. As we grow I know we could probably order by the 100 yd rolls or greater from the manufacturer, but until then any leads you can give us will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jose

Jose: Spandex is a branded name for a yarn used in stretch fabrics. Lycra is another branded name. Raschel is a type of knitting, where Spandex fabric is knitted, to make the fabric.
Since you need to purchase tiny amounts of fabric, you are unable to go directly to the mill, to buy what you need. You will either have to wait for your current supplier to get the fabric you, or find new suppliers. Register here at Fabrics.Net. We have a lot of suppliers that will contact you. You may want to consider attending one of the many wholesale textile shows. Visit www.fabricshow.com, to register to attend.
Good Luck, Andy

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