How To Remove Sizing?

I purchased some aprons in heavy cotton from Michael’s.  Even after several washings it is still really stiff.  Any suggestions to remove/soften the cotton?

By: Nancy

One Response to “How To Remove Sizing?”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi Nancy,
    First, what kind of heavy cotton? If it is ticking then it’s going to stay stiff for some time. Canvas also will stay stiff for some time even after washing. It may be a specially coated material that is designed to stay stiff. Duck canvas is that way. My only other thoughtis to try to soak it in something that will brack down the stabilizing agent but after several washing if this has not happened then I am thinking that it is not a normal heavy cotton and has a coating that will not come off. What are the aprons designed for? Picture?
    Hope that helps